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What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an etheric library where all of our experiences in the physical world are recorded on a soul level.


Our soul is a divine essence that gives us physical life, animates us, and carries on in it’s divine journey to express and creatively experience itself. Dr. Pillai says the whole reason our soul chooses to incarnate is to experience itself in relationships. Our soul wants to experience itself, and relationships allow us (and sometimes challenge us) to remember our true nature as an aspect of the Creator.

While our physical body will parish, the soul leaves our body and re-enters the sea of light. When our soul chooses to reincarnate, or re-enter into a physical body, our choices from past lives influence our experiences in preceding lifetimes.


Many traditions from around the world have come to know and gain access to the Akashic Records, Soul Records, Akasha, The Book of Life, Hall of Records. Each group calling the Records by different names, as there are many more.


The word Akasha is Sanskrit (sacred language from India), translating to ‘ether’. Perhaps we have most commonly grasped the name Akashic Records as reincarnation and the knowledge of the soul as a unified aspect of our being, are foundational within the Hindu teachings.


Great sages from the Himalayas, Egyptians, Moors, Mayans, Greeks, Persians, Druids, Hebrews, and Christians and more have history of accessing the Akashic Records.

Edgar Cayce is probably one the most well-known person of modern times in the United States to gain access to the Akashic Records and help people heal on many levels through the information accessed on the soul level.


The information in our soul records remain invisible to the naked eye. Through inner development, training, and coming into a trance or meditative state, we can gain access to the information of our soul’s experiences through our many incarnations.

What is an Akashic Records Reading?

There is no one way to do Akashic Records Readings. Each teacher has divinely intuited different systems and approaches to support people in their spiritual awakening and soul healing journey.

The modality I work with is called Soul Realignment created by Andrrea Hess. This form of Akashic Records Reading is a concise divination system using the Akashic Records as a tool to support people in realigning to their soul’s divinity.


In a reading, there is extensive research done in your Akashic Records to learn about your soul’s divine qualities, as well as what soul level blocks and past life experiences that are creating limitations in your experience now.

The practitioner must work to prepare themselves for optimal clarity to be able to most positively assist people. I use a pendulum as my primary divination tool to help ensure accuracy in the information obtained.

What to Expect in an Akashic Records Reading and Clearing with Kristin

Upon initial contact, we will consult via email or by phone to assess what issues are affecting you now, and clarifying your goals and intentions as you powerfully re-write your soul story through this process.

I spend on average 2.5 hours doing all the research: using my pendulum to dowse on a series of questions identifying your soul qualities as well as the soul level blocks affecting you now. I then psychically examine your records to unveil the origin stories from past lives where the root causes of limiting patterns were first created. I then complete a very thorough clearing process.

From there, we set up a time for the reading to be delivered and processed together.

You are provided with a 21 day prayer to transmute these blocks on a soul level, a soul retrieval (restoration) process as needed, and customized heartfelt intuitive insight to positively support your integration of these changes.


It is a big process for most people. Most of us find it more challenging that we’d imagine, to let go of these limiting stories and attachments we’ve been perpetuating often for many lifetimes.


This work takes determination, bravery, self-love, and faith. Healing is not always as fun as we’d like to imagine. It would be so great if the pain and trauma just magically went away with one wave of a wand. Often it is a journey to un-learn and transmute the entanglement of the layers of these stories so that we may simply remember and BE our perfect, healthy, powerful divine self as we were created.


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