"Kristin's reading was really intriguing and timely... it opened me to many layers of my experience that I can continue to learn from and integrate into my soul growth. After the reading I experienced spiritual evolution and insight into dreams and far-off memories that became more clear and integral as valuable facets of my life. ​


The whole experience has brought me insight into my greater gifts and realization of my own power and ability to heal my life. Thank you Kristin! ❤ "


-Julie; Artist Jeweler, Yoga Teacher, Kambo Practitioner, Dancer, Alchemist






"Kristin is an incredibly caring soul and lovely person to work with in person and over the phone. She is diligent in her work to uncover underlying issues and develop a personalized plan and prayer to aid any person who comes to her in their healing process.

After completing two soul clearings I have noticed positive shifts in how I view myself and much fewer inner obstacles in my quest to align with my personal vision of how I wish to walk in the world. I am grateful beyond words for Kristin’s devotion to clearing away that which no longer serves so that each of us may realize our true nature.

If you feel stuck and hopeless in your life or long for liberation from repeated destructive patterns that seem irreversibly ingrained, then I would highly recommend reaching out to Kristin and checking in with your heart to see if Soul Realignment is right for you. If you are reading this then it probably is ;) Many blessings, peace and joy to all, and thank you Kristin for serving the light always.


-Jeffrey Fishman, Wilderness Field Instructor





"I went to my Akashic Record reading with Kristin with a lot of curiosity and openness, but no real expectations at all. There were things that were said during my reading that sparked an immediate, ‘ah-hah’ within me, recognizing things that may have happened in the past that are affecting me now in this lifetime.


The most significant experience in it all, however, happened in the hours after the reading. I learned that at some point during this current lifetime, there became a male family member entity that attached to me, one that had died during my life.

I only had 2 male family members pass, and I immediately knew which one it was, because this one came to me during a medicine ceremony weeks before. During my ceremonial experience, I felt the Lou Gehrig’s disease that my grandfather carried in the last years of his life.


When Kristin mentioned this attachment, she mentioned that just awareness of the entity’s attachment, and the clearing work we were doing through this reading could be enough to remove him. Those words resonated with me in the coming hours and I felt a sense of relief come over me.


No more than 36 hours later, I learned that my 96 year old grandmother (his wife), had passed. She lived 30 years after his passing in 1987, and I wonder if she was holding on for the release/passing of his spirit. It feels like more than coincidence that just hours after his spirit was released from attachment to me, that she felt free enough to pass as well.


Kristin is a beautiful soul with gifts in working in the spiritual realms, and I highly recommend her work with Akashic Record readings and the clearing work that she offers as well. This work is strong medicine and can reveal very helpful areas that might be keeping you stuck in specific patterns. I am grateful for my experience, and continued healing as a result of the information and clearing I received through this practice."

-Jason Spencer, Business Development Strategist


"Kristin provided an extremely thorough and detailed Akashic record reading which took me from the very beginning of my origins up though twenty seven lifetimes of stories which affect the way I walk in the world today. She clearly takes the time to deeply and authentically read the records, even taking time during the reading to go back in to clarify information.

My reading concluded with two involved prayers to sit with in the weeks following which are actively helping me to release energies which are not in my highest and best interest and to seal protective energies around me.

Kristin's readings come from a place of genuine desire to help each individual reach their highest potential, identify their blocks and learn how to move through them for greater ease and grace. She is a woman who stands firmly in her integrity and has always held my story with warmth, compassion and just the right amount of humor."

-Abigail Rachel” dancer and cook

"Kristin did an incredible job with our Akashic Records reading. She was informative and organized and professional and was happy to have a dialogue throughout the reading when questions arose or clarification was needed.

She also was great about going into more depth when requested and did a great job following up with questions that I had after processing the information. This reading is actively helping me work through some of the grief and questions I had after my mother's death and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking soul realignment."

-Anita Onofrio, Certified Nurse Midwife

"I am really glad I did a Soul Realignment with Kristin! The things she said during our conversation truly resonated with me. My life has turned in a direction that I can appreciate. I recommend her services to anyone searching for a more fulfilling life."

Brian Beatty, certified Reiki Master


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