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How to Find the 'Right' Type of Akashic Records Reading for You

You are here today to learn about an Akashic Records Reading and looking to find the most fulfilling fit for you.

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It’s clear that by the idea of an Akashic Records Reading, the Akashic Records, and past life healing are coming into your awareness, that you are vibrating on high levels, consciously connected to your soul, and looking for ways to more deeply embody your soul gifts.

So, how do you know which type of Akashic Records Reading and practitioner is the most supportive fit for you?

There are many excellent teachers now who have channeled unique (and yet similar) pathways to open the Akashic Records and ways to support people living their best life with that information and other spiritual tools.

Some Akashic Records Readings practitioners are focused on creating an in the moment, sometimes profound mystical experience by taking you into the Records with them, channeling all the information right there on the spot in usually a 45 minute-90 minute time span. Sometimes that time is used to unveil information based on your curiosity of past lives or providing information based on a question or intention you have.

Some Akashic Records Reading practitioners will focus on an isolated challenge you are looking for clarity on. Some practitioners will do a one-time clearing for you based on what comes up in your Records either on the spot or doing the reading in their own time then delivering the information to you.

In some readings, no clearing process is provided, but simply providing information to feed your curiosity and lift you up through knowing where you’ve been to help affirm and guide you living your best life.

Questions to Ask Yourself in Your Search for the Most Supportive Type of Akashic Records Reading for You:

-WHY do I want an Akashic Records Reading

-what do I want for my life

-what areas of my life am I looking for clarity on

-am I just curious or am I looking to work on a soul level through the Akashic Records to create positive lasting change in my life

There are no right or wrong answers. This is about what you want for your life.

Some of these modalities could be supportive for you if you are curious about past lives and are looking for a more exciting or mystical experience to support you in your life.

The Akashic Records Reading modality I work with is called Soul Realignment.

The work I offer can be very supportive for you if you:

-are committed to take action to free yourself from blocks, programs, and negative conditioning keeping you from manifesting all areas of your life in a positively fulfilling way

-are fed by learning about the various types of soul level agreements and how they are created

-like to have spiritual homework and tools to actively live your gifts and best life

-are open to learning

-are self-aware and tuned in to the subtle nature of your thoughts, feelings, emotions

The work I offer may NOT be for you if:

-don’t see yourself staying committed to the 21 Day Transmutation Prayer

-don’t see yourself having the space or desire to deepen into self-awareness of how you feed into the stories that arise to create lasting change

-if you feel like you already know a lot about the spiritual realms and aren’t interested to hear new information or that some things may have been hiding from your awareness

-if you’re too freaked out to learn about chakra tears, soul loss, negative entity-earthbound spirit-or ghost attachments

-if you are looking for someone to do all the work for you to experience lasting change

-if you are looking for someone to create a mystical experience in the Records with you and channel all the information on the spot with you on the Reading call

Soul Realignment is one of the most in depth Akashic Records Reading modalities I’ve found to clear and re-align people to their divinity.

These readings don’t just pull up contracts or aspects of the stories that are limiting you. These Readings uncover the multi-layered series of blocks that must be fully cleared to experience not just a transformation, but a transmutation allowing you to most powerfully enjoy a life of fulfillment.

This journey then not only provides detailed information for a thorough clearing and release, but is also like a class on how things move in the invisible realms and HOW various agreements are created that are influencing your life experience now. This in itself is so empowering, particularly for those who work in other ‘healing’ modalities.

Through ongoing commitment to doing this work with myself and other practitioners within this modality, I have experienced the most profound metamorphosis into my highest potential. Hence, this was the modality I chose to train in because the proof is in the pudding.

I work with you to find out who you are, what your intentions and questions are, and what areas of life you may feel challenged in. This clear intention helps direct clear feedback from your Akashic Records and from YOUR higher guidance team.

With this information, I do thorough research in your Soul Records to find out what blocks are there and the past life stories that led to the root causes of these blocks. I do all of this research on my own using pendulum dowsing and channeling through your Records.

We then schedule a time for me to deliver the results via a secure conference line where the call is recorded for your later reference. You are then provided with a thorough reading sheet that goes over everything we cover for your reference and more empowered integration.

After I complete your Reading, I do a very thorough transmutation clearing process. I then customize an Alchemical 21-Day Transmutation Prayer along with any other intuited practices to support you in this releasing and positive activation process.

This is a distinct part of this practice because we empower you as the powerful Creator of your life to be the one that fully says, “Yes!” to this metamorphosis.

I am able to serve you most deeply through ongoing work. Many people feel a range from subtle to profound shifts from just one reading and clearing. Usually at least 3 readings and clearings have provided the most profound metamorphosis for people I have worked with. Readings are typically done 2-3 months apart. Integration calls are offered as well to lovingly support people in their process.

To Learn More About Working Together and How This Work Can Support You in Your Life, Contact Me HERE and Leave Your Phone Number to Set Up a FREE CONSULTATION CALL

Kristin Mirabelle is an Akashic Records Reading Practitioner, inner alchemist, and medium supporting you to live your purpose with confidence and enjoy healthy, fulfilling relationships



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